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Barrington Full Estate Sale - May, 2014 Sale

“I am home again after leaving the house for the last time.  I am still stunned at how beautifully empty it is!  It took me most of two days just to distribute the relatively tiny bit of stuff we had saved--I cannot imagine how you do what you do, in such a short amount of time.  I know it must be some kind of alchemy that happens when you know what you are doing from much experience, have the right people, and have emotional distance from the "stuff" you are sorting, but truly, getting the job done as efficiently and effectively as you did is nothing short of a miracle to me!  I  picture myself doing as much as I could, getting distracted by memorabilia, then getting tired and shoving things away for bit, then having to come back and figure out what I was doing before I even got started again. Ugh! It's not that it would have taken me much longer--I don't think I could ever have finished it at all!  So once again, I say many, many thanks!”
Gratefully yours,  Jenny K.

Crystal Lake Full Estate Sale - May, 2014 Sale

“If anyone is lucky enough to get on Cherie’s calendar, they won’t be disappointed. There’s professionalism and accumulated knowledge between everyone involved in the sale. You worked as a team and it’s not like anyone is being taught on the job. I’d say it’s a machine of people who operate together in such a good-natured way, it makes it fun.
With pricing, some things I thought should be higher while other things I thought should be lower. At the end of the day, things sold and it all worked out. Getting people in there to use versus just throwing out items was also important to us. The house was very nicely ‘broom cleaned’ – another task we didn’t have time to do. It was a timely service and I recommend C. Estate Sales.”
Jan C.

Barrington Partial Estate Sale - May, 2014 Sale

“I was impressed with her initial grasp of disposing of our family and residential assets. Cherie’s quick comprehension of it all, her sensitivities with what was emotional for us were very important. Her resources, outside vendors and people, performed great services. In a comprehensive way, although she is just one person, she operated like a team or company. She’s extremely well-organized. She was gracious with a friendly spirit, always. Her attention to detail and deadlines was spot on. All in all, we were very satisfied with C. Estate Sales. The parts of the puzzle, the nitty gritty, she delivered in a remarkable way. As a former CEO, what was so incredible and inspiring to me was the way Cherie worked so well with everyone. She has great leadership skills. I’d hire Cherie in a minute.”
Gerhard S.

Barrington Partial Estate Sale - April, 2014 Sale

“The sale exceeded my expectations and I’d be happy to refer C. Estate Sales to friends or family. Hiring them definitely alleviated a lot of stress because they provided four services I could not. First, by staging the house, our items were presented nicely to buyers. Second, the advertising and internet emails brought estate sale shoppers to the house. Third, they were at the sale both days, managing the money and handling the customers. Last of all, making sure the house was empty at the end made it an invaluable service to me.”
Lisa H.

Barrington Partial Estate Sale - Feb-March, 2014 Sale

“The sale went fine. Cherie sold most of my things and I didn’t have to attend the sale. Hiring her reduced my workload a great deal and I recommend her to friends and neighbors.”
Freddie P.

Deer Park Full Estate Sale - November, 2013 Sale

“Her team was really good. I couldn’t have done it myself. First, I wouldn’t have known some prices. They got it all taken care of – set up and priced. Then, they were efficient on sale days, handling a large crowd of people. Her staff was very nice to customers, unlike other estate sales companies where I’ve seen customers treated rudely. I felt good about them being in my house. Nothing was broken, everything was cleaned. We had a rainy, terrible day of weather and there wasn’t a spot on the white carpeting! I think she did a good job. I did recommend Cherie already to someone in Geneva, but it was too far away.”
Rita W.

Barrington Full Estate Sale - October, 2013 Sale

“Yes, both her professionalism and the estate sale met my expectations. Cherie has a trustworthy staff which I felt was important. I’ve recommended her at least two times to other people.”
Gary T.

“I recommend Cherie all the time. She’s dependable, efficient and gets things done for my Clients. They’re always pleased with the results.”
Patsy Thalheimer Keller Williams, 7-year Barrington Real Estate Professional

“Cherie is my go-to person for about the past 4 years now. I use her for estate appraisal expertise needed for property distributions among heirs. I never have to worry about the schedule; she always gets it done. It’s been exceptional working with Cherie – she’s good at what she does.”
Alansa Ferguson, Wintrust Wealth Management, Business Professional

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